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8 best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip
The world comes together on the Las Vegas Strip.

Germ killing robot slips into hotel bedsheets
CleanseBot is a portable cleaning robot that can eliminate germs from your hotel bed and other surfaces. Read about how it came about and the technology it uses to purify hotel rooms.

Great Blue Hole discoveries revealed
A team of scientists -- including Virgin billionaire Richard Branson -- has returned from a groundbreaking mission to the bottom of Belize's Great Blue Hole with exciting findings.

What's going on under Dubai's fountain?
If you've been to the emirate, you've probably seen the Dubai Fountain. But what's going on underneath all that water?

The travel hack airlines don't want you to use
Hidden city ticketing is a longtime, under-the-radar practice of the most astute, rule-breaking fliers. Learn about hidden city ticketing strategy and consequences for breaking airline rules.