This page is dedicated to the men and women of the Class of 1967 with whom we shared much of our youth.  While any list of names like this one may trigger some sadness, it is quite right for you to also smile as you consider each name and call upon your memories of that earlier time. 

Our loss would have been much greater had we never known them.

Craig Abott 6-_-20
Steve Amundsen
Russell Ashley 9-15-20
Robert D. Beck 4-4-17
Gary Bishop
Richard Brigeman
Kathy Burnsed
Billie Sue (Butler) Hitchings 9-3-15
Charles Chips 4-20-20
Margie Cicora Wittman 11-17-11
Becky Cochran, 4-25-10
Cheryl (Connell) O'connor 10-11-11
Terry Cop
Tonya (Craddock) Danforth
Charlene Culp 
Terry Dike 9-7-14
 Diane (Del Pozzo) Huskisson, 6-1-09
William D. Deaton 1-14-16
Joe Digeroloma, 3-17-08
Ronnie F. Drope 1-1-21

Janet Hague Dubravetz 4-18-16
William "Bill" Emplit 8-30-20
Edward Fisher 1-29-21
Donald Fobes 4-8-19
Deborah (Coleman) Freiberg 12-1-19

Brent Garrett
Dave Jordan 2/5/2003
Randy Glenn
Shirley Willgues (Griffiths) 1-_-16

Margo Gumbert
Daniel Hamilton
Barbara Lee Hawkins 1-15-2001
Greg Hileman 9-27-00
Nelson J. Hummel 5-18-19
Richard Hutchinson (1996)
Cheryl Isaacs 7-7-10
Sandy Taylor Jarvis 7-9-15
Marty Jeffries
Mary Frances Likar 1-10-17

Marianne Johnson Loskofsky 7-17-10
Robert Katzenmeyer
Harry "Kip" Keller, 5-3-08
Karen Lee 3-27-13
Fred Lewis 
Dave Leiner 11-10-14
Mary Ellen Perden (Limbach) 11-9-18
Betty Linderman
Benny Linnen 11-15-69
Becky Till Houk Lutz 5-25-13
Roger MacClellan 11-24-2004

Mark Manson
John P. Marcello 12-4-13
Jeffrey W. McCowin 2-27-19
Robert C. McDougall 1-5-11
Mary Marunich McKeever 4-11
Ron Meadows
Eric Mechlin
Gary Middelton
Dave Miller
Bruce Morrill 5-18-17
Alan Morris
Guy Moore
Linda Mullican (Trifero) 6-16-17
Rebecca (Salberg) Murphy 2-28-20

Sandra Neal
Bill Nelsch 5-4-19
Ken Nourse
Gerry Lynn Johnston (Ott) 8-5-16

Debbie Pahl
John Pairan
Penny J. Smith (Pierson) 2-15-16
Ronald "Fuzzy" Poole 8-31-19
Denny Powell 7-13-20

Phyllis Prinzo, 7-24-09
Robert E. Pyke Jr. 1-24-16
Alice Reece
Ron Sayers

Margaret ("Peggy") Scafido 4-13-16
Dave Schenk

Linda Seigman
David Sherk
Barb Shuber 11-30-15
Tim Snyder 7-5-13
Peggy Smuts Jones 9-15-15
Linda Steiner
Jeff Steinwedel
Nancy Tobin
James Trible
Ronald C. Voth 4-5-05
Judy Vucetic
Bob Watson
Kathy Wells
Charles Wesley
Philip Knox White 2-21-17
George Williams
Lynda Montgomery Williamson 2-5-18
Dave (Norman) Wright