1962 Majoretts-Falls Theater
1962 Majoretts-Falls Theater
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Rian Mink (Ammerman)
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July 22, 1949 Retired! Married 2
I moved to California shortly after graduation and have lived here ever since. My husband Jim and I live in the Palm Springs area. It's all about the golf. Send Rian a MessageSend Rian a Message
jerry artz
Courier Married 1
I plan on going to the Sheraton on October 5th. Hope to see everybody there. Send jerry a MessageSend jerry a Message
Cindy Douglas (Danzo)
September 19, 1949 Administrative, Business Owner Married 4
Hello Classmates,
What a great site to get to know all of you again.  I have not traveled far.  After graduating from college (KSU), I married, started my family, and settled in Tuscarawas County.  I have been an hour away from Cuyahoga Falls for 38 years.
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Jim Devine
January 26, 1949 Retired Married 1
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Jim Dowey
March 01, 1949 Management Married 3
Hi Everyone,

Chuck great job on the website.  We will try to make the 40th.  I am overseas right now.  40 years...it seems like yesterday.
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April 27, 1948 retired Married 5
I retired about a year ago and just learning how to live. I loved seeing all the pictures. Send JOE a MessageSend JOE a Message
David Filing
April 12, 1949 Retired electrician Married
In a hurry...more to come
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Mike Hill
Marketing Married 2
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Peggy Smuts (Jones)
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October 19, 1949 Occupational Therapy Assistant Married
I moved to the greater Cincinnati area, shortly after our 20th class reunion to take a job with Bethesda Hospitals at their Physical Rehabilitation Outpatient Services.  

My next door neighbor became my husband about a year later.  Our dogs introduced us. And, after our dogs passed, we adopted 2 Great Pyrenees puppies from the same litter. Combined they were about 280 lbs at mid adult stage.

2 years into our marriage, we bought a home in Hamilton.  The drive to my job doubled, and even tripled in length with the onset of construction season.  

I had specialized in Adaptive Driver Education, instructing behind the wheel (ok Brad, Donna and Denny, stop laughing, or Carl Spessard will come back to haunt you, take you parallel parking, and, sing "Frankie and Johnny were Lovers").  When I got this bad feeling about being in the car so long, a job 3 blocks away open up at a hospital, here in town.  Three weeks after leaving my supervisor was in a fender bender.  Oh, the paperwork!

There, I began specializing in hand therapy and other general areas of practice.  Moved on to the next hospital in town a couple of years later, still doing about the same thing, but, finally had some leadership.

A few more years and I decided to only specialize in hand therapy with the Sports Medicine Department of Middletown Regional Hospital, yet, developed an interest in Lymphedema treatment.  After 5 courses and more than 150 hours, I sat for the national exam board, and, became certified as a Lymphedema Therapist.
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Margie (Margaret) Kierstead
October 14, 1949 1
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